What is sod?

Along with hydro seeding and slit seeding, Landscaping Plus also offers sodding services. Our sales people will come out and measure your property to determine the proper amount of sod needed. Lawn turf is grown for a year and a half at a local farm until it has matured to a full stand. The sod is comprised of varieties of grass that are native to our climate and will grow best in our region of the country. When an order is placed, the sod is usually cut and placed within 24 hours.

What is the process for laying sod?

Before sod is laid, we prepare the subsoil by raking it to level and remove sticks, rocks and other foreign material. Prior to laying sod, we also apply a starter fertilizer to the subsoil to give the sod an initial boost. For most typical residential sites, sod is delivered straight from the farm on skids containing 2 x 5 foot rolls. The rolls are laid out across the yard in a staggered pattern to reduce seams. Seams between rolls are compacted on the edges to prevent air from drying out the roots.

What are the pros and cons of sodding?

On the pros side of the equation, you have an instant lawn. Often, a full lawn can be installed in one day. In addition, a sodded lawn can give you instant erosion control and is often very beneficial for heavy slopes. A sodding client has a quicker use of the lawn, however, heavy use is discouraged until the roots have been given time to penetrate the subsoil. Conversely, sodding is typically 3 to 4 times the cost of hydro seeding or slit seeding. Sodded lawns also need to be religiously watered for at least 3 weeks and require far more water to establish than a seeded lawn. We typically do not recommend sod for areas that do not have an automatic inground irrigation system.


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